High Resolution Digital Downloads

$14.99 - $125.00

We are offering high resolution brain maps for sale to help cover cost for additional research, advertising and bandwidth. We offer lower cost pricing for personal use or students. Higher pricing for healthcare, businesses and schools. The main goal is to bring this understanding to the world and high res images are a great way to zoom in to all the fine details. Created by a space shuttle guidance system engineer over a 10 year period, this new June 2024 full brain map release version 141 contains more research including the amazing respiratory circuits with pressure sensors, CO2 sensors and more. Version 141 is not shown in the sample image. Download links will be emailed within about 24 hrs of purchase. This is not a license to distribute, tweet, post for download, print or include in books or other publications. However, you are free to use the images in your classroom, church, or share with your family. If you wish to inquire about other uses, please contact us.